Three-year-old asks 'girlfriend' Demi Lovato on a date

This three-year-old from Luxembourg attempted to impress his 'girlfriend' Demi Lovato in a 'love letter vlog' dedicated to the award-winning singer.

The video of young Maverick showing his love for the singer was posted on his YouTube channel "Maverick's World" last month (March 30).

The love-struck lad sung a cover of "You are my Sunshine" by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell, as well as dancing along to his favourite Demi Lovato song "Cool for the Summer".

His parents commented saying: "We all have big dreams and wishes and his has started since he was just barley able to walk. We have videos of him in diapers shaking his booty to her songs.

"All he wants is to go on a date with Demi!"