Tide of plastic garbage floods coast off Indonesia

Shocking footage shows how plastic garbage pollution is washing up on shore at a tourist beach in western Indonesia.

The astonishing scene was captured in Padang city, Indonesia, on March 5, as all along the coast behind the Peace Dove Monument was filled with various types of garbage.

A photojournalist who filmed the tragic scenes, Desrian Eristha, said: "The garbage dumped by residents into the river caused pollution problems and damaged coastal and marine ecosystems.

"The terrible sight of the garbage on this beach is always seen shortly after heavy rains flushed Padang city. Garbage in the river flows to the beach and fills the sea of Padang,"

Scavengers and children can be seen picking up cans and plastic trash. According to them, cans and plastic waste are valuable as they can be recycled.

Meanwhile the fishermen on the beach also complained about the amount of garbage as it blocked their boat out to sea.

In addition to plastic and cans, household waste in the form of used clothing and furniture also was turning up on the beach. The garbage even mixed with animal carcasses caused by the pollution, creating a strong odour around the beach.