Tiny green snake keeps nipping at man trying to rescue it from motorcycle engine

A Green Vine snake made a rescuer’s job difficult by repeatedly lunging at him while he was retrieving it from inside a motorbike in east India yesterday (April 7).

Shankarshan Parida, a resident of Anandpur near Keonjhar in Odisha state, was shocked to find a snake curled up on the seat of his bike when he was trying to take the vehicle out.

As he retreated in panic the snake, perhaps feeling disturbed, slipped into a side panel and took refuge there.

A terrified Shankarshan asked people in the vicinity to help but everyone was terrified of the snake.

He then called Snake Helpline, which sent a volunteer Rajesh Sutar to the spot. Rajesh opened the side panel of the bike with a screwdriver and tried to gently extricate the snake.

The snake, however, didn’t want to be disturbed, and kept lunging at him angrily, but Rajesh managed to pull it out patiently and later released it in its natural habitat.

Subhendu Mallik, founder of Snake Helpline, said: “Green Vine snakes are mildly venomous, which is not very harmful to humans. However, the very sight of the snake while driving could have caused a serious accident.”