Toad Chasing Kitty Gets Caught in Thermos

Occurred on December 23, 2020 / Ben Tre, Vietnam

Info from Licensor: "In the morning I was in the house to take care of the baby. I heard the sound of the deck in the room where the cats knew that there was a thermos for drinking water. I heard the cat chirping very softly, I ran back to the window to see her mother hugging her and biting her neck, I thought the mother and daughter were playing, looking back, there was no head around, the cat village was surrounding them. At first, I had to remove the difficulty, thought to have the jar to get out, but after that, I pulled the skin of her neck out slowly, and then her head came out. Inside the jar was a toad. I think the cat was trying to play with the toad when it got into the jar and the kitten tried to follow and catch it."