Toddler miraculously avoids death after being run over twice

A two-year-old girl miraculously escaped death after being run over by a car twice.

The CCTV clip shows a girl in a pink coat lying in the middle of a road and first almost being hit by a scooter.

Since the scooter driver noticed her on his approach, he slowed down to avoid her before driving away.

After the scooter left, a white car turning into the alley and drove over the girl twice before the driver stopped to check what he had gone over.

The video was shot in Jinhua City in eastern Zhejiang Province on November 3.

The girl was sent to hospital and fortunately she only suffered minor scratches.

According to the doctor, the lightness of the injuries might have been because the little girl’s bones are soft as well as her wearing lots of clothing, insulating her from harm.