Toddler miraculously survives being dragged under SUV with only minor injuries

A three-year-old girl miraculously survived from being dragged underneath an SUV for over a dozen metres in southern China.

In the CCTV video, captured in Loudi City in Hunan Province on March 6, an SUV turning a corner crashes into a girl squatting on the ground at a petrol station, and drags her underneath the SUV for more than a dozen metres before she emerges from the back of the vehicle. However, the girl can then be seen getting back on her feet by herself.

According to reports, the SUV driver named Deng turned his vehicle into a petrol station as he attempted to avoid a police checkpoint.

Since he did not notice the girl squatting on the ground, he crashed into her and rolled her underneath his SUV, and dragged her for more than a dozen metres before throwing her back onto the ground.

A nearby resident carried the girl up and called the ambulance.

After being checked in hospital, the girl only suffered scratches to her face and ear.

The SUV driver was blamed for the incident.