Toddler shocked as she sees her dad without a beard for the first time

This adorable video shows the moment tot Amelia Batiz didn’t recognise her own daddy after he shaved off the beard he’d worn for her entire life.

Footage from yesterday (December 31) shows Amelia’s dad Jeremy, a 32-year-old contracting officer, has donned a beard for most of his adult life, and even his wife Sofia had only seen him without it once before.

“I didn’t know that he was going to shave it off that day either,” said Sofia, 36, a professional photographer who lives with Amelia, Jeremy and their son 11-year-old Adyan in Tucson, Arizona.

“He just asked me to get the camera rolling on my phone and then he walked out of the bathroom

"He just asked me to get the camera rolling on my phone and then he walked out of the bathroom.

"It was a big shock for Amelia and for me!

"He was trying to do all the things that he always does with her like he takes her out to get the mail with him every day, but she was suspicious.

"It wasn't until he read her favourite book to her that she finally caught on, he always reads it to her in this special way, so she twigged."

Now the rest of the family are trying to adjust to a beardless Jeremy.

"Jeremy always has a beard, he had a beard when I met him so it was a big change for all of us," said Sofia.

"He looks ten years younger, my son says he looks like a college student now, my mom said he looks like a teenager."

Thankfully Amelia and Jeremy are back to being best chums again, now that she's used to his new look.

"Once she realised it was daddy under there they went right back to how they always are, it just took her a while."