Too cute! Dog adopts orphaned baby goat in India

A touching video has emerged from India showing a pet dog raising an orphaned baby goat as her own.

The tiny kid, Kanna, lost its mother shortly after a cyclone hit the Pudukkottai District of Tamil Nadu in November.

The owner of the goat, R Duraisamy, feared it would not survive either as it refused to be hand-fed from a bottle.

However, shortly afterwards Duraisamy was amazed to find the kid suckling from his pet dog, Ponni, along with her puppy.

“We thought the dog would attack the goat, but she is caring for it. It allows the goat to drink its milk and to cuddle her while sleeping," Duraisamy said.

P N Richard Jagatheesan, Head of the Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, Tiruchy, said:

“Inter-species feeding is an exceptional case. An animal nursing and developing a bond with other species happens rarely. However, it is a part of animal behaviour to take care of other animals in need.”