Tornado sirens wail as a storm chasers prepare in Beloit Kansas, USA

Tornado sirens blare throughout the town of Beloit, Kansas as storm chasers prepare to go out looking for the storm on May 29.

The enthusiastic tornado hunters pull into a petrol station and hurriedly fill up on fuel as a caravan of other storm chasers race past them.

While filling up the sirens start up again with their loud whining sound warning the residents that a dangerous storm looms in their future.

The tornado warning was issued for northern Mitchell County and southeastern Jewell County in north central Kansas until 7 p.m. CDT.

There was also a warning of heavy ping-pong sized hail stones, potential damage to mobile homes, roofs, widows and vehicles from flying debris.

Footage shows a green Jeep with storm chasing weather instruments on the roof. The driver jumps out of the vehicle at the petrol station with a gleeful expression across his face as the winds around him have clearly accelerated.

The filmer then pans to the left and captures a caravan of other storm chasing vehicles driving past and towards the ominous cloud ahead.