Touching moment owner rescues his tiny kitten from a drainage pipe

This is the touching moment a man rescued a tiny kitten from a drainage pipe in southern India on Saturday.

Bapputti, a cat lover, keeps 10 of these felines in his home near Kollam.

He got worried on December 29 when a kitten went missing. He could hear the kitten crying but could not find it.

Then, to his astonishment, he found that the sound was coming from the middle of pipe which drained water from his roof.

He realised that the kitten had been stuck inside the pipeline for a few hours.

Fearing for its life, he worked furiously to cut open the pipe and eventually managed to pull out the poor animal alive.

The kitten had gone to play on the roof, entered the drain hole and got stuck in the pipe.

Happy that the kitten survived the ordeal, Bapputti is now planning to put a filter on the drain.