Tourists enjoy colourful umbrella festival in northern Thailand

Footage shows tourists enjoying the colourful sights of an umbrella festival in northern Thailand on Sunday.

The event takes place in the village of Bo Sang in Chiang Mai province where locals have been hand-making beautiful silk sun umbrellas for hundreds of years.

Stunning designs have earned them a reputation as the best umbrella makers in the world and their products are shipped to dozens of different countries.

Each year, villagers celebrate their tradition by lining the streets with bright, intricately decorated umbrellas, while local men and women dress up in traditional ancient costumes and ride bikes through town.

The three-day festival attracts thousands of tourists who converge on the small town.

According to local legend, locals began making the umbrellas centuries ago when a Buddhist monk from the area travelled to neighbouring Burma, returning to his home with the newly learned umbrella making technique.