Tourists flock to see longest water fountain in South East Asia

Tourists are flocking to see this stunning water fountain which is the longest in South East Asia.

The 400-metre long feature took architects six years to design, plan and build outside a newly opened shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

High-tech lasers even display animations of cartoon characters and Buddhist monks in the jets of water.

The fountain includes thousands of 2D, 3D, and 4D water jets that rotate like joysticks, while Cybernetic Technology is used to shoot out water every 0.1 seconds in the shape of a flower.

The water reaches heights of 35 meters and is even calibrated with a laser show and animations to create a stunning water and light entertainment show.

Thousands of shoppers gather each evening to admire the water fountain outside the IconSiam centre.

Carlos Pissarra, CEO of Ghesa Water & Art which designed the fountain, said it was inspired by the adjacent Chao Phraya River.

''Even large fountains like this must be blended with the nearby buildings, parks, and other surroundings,'' he said.