Tourists in terror as angry African elephant charges their car in Namibia

A group of tourists were given a shock as an angry elephant charged at their vehicle while on safari in Etosha National Park, Namibia.

Footage taken from the car shows the elephant marching peacefully by before turning towards the car and chasing it away. The vehicle reversed until the elephant relented in its pursuit, continuing as normal.

Although elephants are generally thought of as docile animals, even they can show a fit of animalistic anger. For a family of tourists travelling through Etosha National Park in Namibia, seeing a huge African elephant charging their vehicle will likely be one of the most frightening moments of their lives.

For the driver, who recorded the footage on his iPhone, seeing an elephant who was in his own words “twice the size of their SUV” was a big surprise in itself. Seeing its sudden aggression was likely an even bigger one. According to the driver, it was during a high mating season for elephants, and the animal was frustrated to see a car in his path.

It is certainly worth remembering though that all animals can be dangerous, and in the wild of the African jungle, anything can happen.