Tourists and locals team up to rescue sloth hanging from electrical wires

Locals and tourists worked together to rescue a sloth that was found hanging from electrical wires in Panama.

Footage shows a man using a ladder to reach the sloth and gently removing the animal’s paws from the power lines.

Despite the man’s efforts to grab the sloth, the animal sticks to the top of the ladder.

Other rescuers then rush to help by carefully pulling the ladder down so the animal can reach the ground.

“We were driving along and noticed a sloth that was trapped with no trees around to climb. We learned earlier that day that often sloths are electrocuted on the wires,” the filmer told Newsflare.

“With the help of some locals and the rest of the group we were able to get the sloth down and back into his favourite type of tree in the jungle.”

The clip was filmed near the Mamoni River at Junglewood Falls, Panama on March 13.