Tourists witness moment volcano erupts in Russian island

This was the moment a group of tourists witnessed the Ebecco volcano suddenly erupting in Kuril islands, Russia, on September 28.

Footage shows a group of tourists enthusiastically observing a giant cloud of ashes coming out of the crater and rising up into the sky.

A couple can be seen standing extremely close to the crater.

According to the filmer, they miraculously escaped death. She said: ''We were watching the volcano activity for 2 hours and went down the path leading to the acid lake.''

''Luckily, we didn't go the end and returned back very soon. If we stayed there even a minute more, we'd be in the epicenter of the eruption.

''We suddenly heard a terrifying sound coming out of the crater and then Ebecco 'shot' a huge column of ashes.

''Splintered volcanic bombs kept on landing near us! I still can't believe we were that fortunate to leave the crater on time and observe such rare natural phenomenon.''