Tragic case of 'thin and weak' elephant performing circus tricks to empty zoo in Thailand

Harrowing footage shows an apparently underweight elephant performing tricks inside an empty zoo.

The adult female elephant with long white tusks was performing in front of a virtually deserted stand at a crocodile farm attraction. With its bones visible, the "cow" can be seen balancing on two wooden tables before being led down and then walking across a metal tightrope. It pauses in the middle, turns around and walks back.

The skeletal frame of the Asian elephant - with its pelvis and shoulder poking through its saggy leathery skin - raised concerns from one visitor who was attending the Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo.

The filmer, who wished to remain anonymous, said: ''I've been visiting the zoo for a long time because I like to look at the animals. But when I visited last week I was upset when I saw one of the elephants. The elephant looked so thin and weak. I felt so sorry for him. I think he needs help. I don't want to say anything bad about the zoo, because they might be problems and cannot afford to look after the elephant. I would like people to help the elephant.''

A spokesman for the zoo said that all the elephants are ''good.'' They said: ''The elephants here are all healthy. They are all good. None of them are thin. They are all fed well. They do shows every day.''