Trail of destruction left by monster twister revealed in Jefferson City, Missouri USA

After a tornado ripped through Jefferson City, Missouri USA a trail of destruction was left in its wake on May 24.

The inside of a venue called Avenue HQ was completely decimated when the roof collapsed into the building.

Every street in the film is covered in debris thrown up by the monster twister which hit the state's capital city overnight on May 23 and tore through the area causing a 20 mile trail of mayhem.

The funnel was reported as being a mile wide and was given the rating of an EF3 which meant there were winds up to 160 mph ripping through the city.

Footage shows an old prison standing on a hill with most of its windows blown out. Felled trees, smashed windows and collapsed buildings litter the area as the filmer drives through the city.

One person with the filmer, while capturing the images, claimed he had a meeting the following day in a building which was taped-off due to being totally unsafe for use.

The film also captures the Jefferson City community already at work rebuilding their nearly obliterated home.