Train hits person on the track near Fontanta Metrolink station California and is rushed to trauma unit

A person was hit by a train, travelling from Los Angeles Union station to San Bernardino, just west of the Fontana Metrolink station in Southern California on May 14.

The victim was was rushed to a local trauma centre in critical conditions and all trains were stopped.

The reason for the accident is unknown at this time but Fontana police department are actively investigating the scene.

Footage shows police, firemen and paramedics attending the scene.

The ambulance needs help getting over the large curb in order to get to the location where the victim was found. Members of the San Bernardino fire department build a makeshift ramp for the vehicle to drive over.

The victim can be seen being loaded into the back of the ambulance on a stretcher which then drives back over the makeshift ramp and to the trauma unit. .