Train Travels Through Massive Snow Drift

Occurred on February 24, 2019 / Hawley, Minnesota, USA

Info from Licensor: "A ground blizzard captured in Minnesota. Wind speeds peaked at 47mph throughout storm. Here’s what the engineer commented on the post of the video, “I was the engineer on this train. After maintenance said it was OK to move through that area on main 1, I was told to keep up the speed as best as I could. The eastbound Amtrak 8 also told me about the drifts in that area as well. I was doing about 37-38 mph because of a 40 mph slow order in that area. The horn was blown constantly to keep it from plugging with snow”. He also stated his ears started popping as he went through the drifts. So for all the times you were told as a kid to not put a penny on the tracks because it could derail a train, this might make you think otherwise."