Transport System for Hamster

Occurred on March 6, 2021 / Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Info from Licensor: "My name is Bri and I'm 26 years old! I own a tattoo shop in my city and work fulltime as a body piercer, so you can imagine people are usually pretty shocked when I tell them I run a small time hamster rescue in my house. I don't exactly look the part. I have always loved animals but this year I've taken a special interest in hamsters specifically. They're highly neglected pets and most of the care information that you are given in pet stores actually isn't for the benefit of the hamster, but primarily to make sales. Hamsters were originally used as lab animals and then marketed by Mattel toy company as a cheap pet for young children. The quality of care suggested by pet stores has not gone up much since that time. I am working towards licensing myself as a legitimate pet rescue and I currently have 3 hamsters in my care that have been rescued from improper living environments. The hamster in the video is Ellie. She has been one of my most rewarding rescues so far. When I first got her the previous owners refused to touch her because she was aggressive. The first night I had her she bit me and drew blood. I've had her for just a few months but she has already turned into a completely different animal! She was showing major signs of cage aggression when I got her, which was a result of her cage being much too small and not having enough places to hide in. Hamsters are prey animals so you really need to make sure that they feel secure in their environment before you can expect them to trust you. They're just small little delicate animals after all! Imagine a giant sticking you in an bedroom sized cage for your entire life and then wondering why you don't like them! I have become very passionate about proper animal care and I am so proud of Ellie's transformation. I can now pick her up if it is absolutely necisary, but she tends to feel more comfortable with the small bucket and she learned very quickly that it is a means of transportation. Ellie has been through a lot since being in care, including making a full recovery from a stroke. She is an incredibly resilient animal and I am so blessed that I now get to have this relationship with her. She will now crawl around my legs during playtime and run up to her tank door when she hears me coming. We have truly created a beautiful bond. There are no bad animals if you give them the proper care and make sure to listen to what their needs are. Animals aren't about ownership, but relationships!
Hope you enjoy."