Trash strewn across Houston fast food restaurant after epic high-school food fight

Footage shows trash strewn across a Whataburger restaurant in Houston, Texas, after two local high schools staged a massive food fight at the location.

Students from Clear Brook High School and competitors Clear Lake High School convened at the fast food joint after their football teams played one another. The Clear Brook Wolverines lost 28-6 to the Clear Lake Falcons.

"After each football game it is a tradition to go to the local Whataburger. Both teams usually go but this time it was chaos," said the filmer. "As soon as I got there there was already yelling. I didn’t think much of it since it always happens but this time after I ordered a couple kids started throwing open ketchup packets and then food started flying everywhere and after that the place was trashed."

He added that the employees were in shock, and by the end of the fight only about seven children remained to help clear up the trash. The filmer was one of the few who stayed to help the employees.