Truck Driver Instantly Regrets Not Checking Blind Spot

Occurred on April 12, 2019 / Malung, Sweden

Info from Licensor: "When driving home from work in the middle of nowhere in Sweden, I had a car and a truck in front of me. There was a long straight road, and I, and the car in front of me could easily pass the truck. However, the car in front of me didn't overtake, so I thought I could overtake both of them. When I was about to overtake the car in front of me, he started to turn out, so I had to turn left. I thought I would crash into the ditch going 120km/h, but I saved myself. Then I thought I would go under the truck, and I think the truck driver thought the same, cause you can see him start breaking. The car and I managed to get grip again and after some smaller re-slips, I could overtake the truck, with a shaking body. I just kept on driving, I think the other car driver will look in their blind spot next time!"