Truck on the highway gives an illusion-like shadow performance

Footage from Brisbane, Australia has emerged of a truck creating a dreamlike illusion with shadows as it drove under some highway bridges.

Filmed earlier this month (November 20), the truck was carrying a scaffold-like load on its trailer, making a bizarre pattern that left a hypnotic shadow pattern when passing under bridges.

The filmer, who was commuting home from work when she was driving down the street, was enticed by the heavy goods vehicle for another reason.

She said: "Originally my eye was caught by the cool design of the object on the back of the truck."

Having directed her undivided attention to the truck she noticed that there was a very unusual pattern coming from its shadows.

She explained: "As we continued to follow the truck we noticed that as we went under solitary bridges an awesome shadow effect was caused on the object on the back.

"Knowing that we were heading towards a set of three bridges I grabbed my phone and started filming. Luckily for me, my partner was driving.

"This truly made my day and I’m so thankful it was a sunny day too! It reminded me of something straight out of a sci-fi movie or video game!"