Truck spills thousands of fish sparking frantic scenes as locals try to collect them

This was the slippery scene after a truck crashed spilling thousands of fish onto the road - sparking a frenzy from locals to grab them all.

The delivery lorry had collected the morning's catch from the fishing port in Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines, on October 11, when it lost control on a nearby highway.

The large blue eight-wheeler collided with another lorry before wiping out two motorcyclists and a car injuring seven people.

But frantic locals were keen to get their fish supper and began desperately scooping up the huge tuna and smaller round scad which had been scattered across the road in the town of Dumalinao.

Residents also raided the wreckage of the vehicle which was packed with ice and still had fish onboard.

One onlooker said: ''There were fish everywhere. People were going crazy trying to get them.''

Marya Villanueva added: ''I just watched what was happening. It was unbelievable. It was a very bad crash and the fish were also blocking the road. I tried to find some first aid equipment to help the injured people.''

Police Senior Inspector Niel Clifton Pugoy said the truck was on its way to deliver the fish to a market in Pagadian City when its brakes malfunctioned on a slope.

He said the vehicle smashed into cars, another truck, an Army transporter, and a motorcycle before coming to a stop having shed its load.

Seven people were injured and the driver of the first truck and another lorry were taken to hospital with serious injuries.