Turtle won't let Glass Discourage him from trying to Bite some Fingers

When you think of a pet to play with, the turtle is probably the last one on your mind. But we have a video that proves that a turtle can be as interesting pet as a cat or a dog. Check out the video of a turtle playing with the girl through the aquarium glass. This turtle is in the mood for a game! It’s trying to catch the girl’s finger, but obviously, without the success. This turtle is having so much fun! \n\nIf you wonder if all turtles are as fun as the one from our video, the answer is no! Turtles are cute, but quiet and slow-moving creatures. They are shy when interacting with humans and they aren’t as friendly as the turtle from our video. This one is a unique creature, so, do not miss this video! Who knows when you’ll see such a perky little turtle next time! This might be your only chance!