Twelve deadly snakes caught living inside family's home to escape the heat

Twelve deadly snakes were caught living in a family's home where they were sheltering from the heat.

Three king cobras, eight monacled cobras, and a reticulated python were found in Surat Thani, southern Thailand yesterday morning (March, 26).

Frightened villagers called the rescue service after the snakes were seen coiled up in a water tank, the restroom, the bedroom, and the chicken coop.

One villager, Nung Kukrit, said that snakes appeared frequently around the neighbourhood as it was surrounded by the woods. But this was the first time the reptiles had invaded a home.

Nung said: ''We saw snakes around here a lot but we were shocked to see a lot of them come and stay inside a house.''

Five rescuers spent all afternoon the home in the Prasong village before they eventually caught all venomous snakes and put them in bags.

The wild serpents were large and healthy. The king cobras estimated to be 15ft long, while the cobras and the python were about 7ft to 9ft long.

Prasert Munmhai, the chief of the Siam Ruam Jai Salvation, said that snakes had moved to the wet human residence to keep themselves hydrated while temperatures outside soared past 35C.

He said: ''Many sources of water in the wild became dry because of the hot weather. So, the snakes moved out of the forest and stayed in the wet bathroom, the air-conditioned bedroom, and the humid water jar and chicken coop as they were perfect places for them.''

The snakes were released back into the wild later in the evening.