Twins, 6, married in Buddhist ceremony as parents believe they were lovers in past life

This is the bizarre moment a pair of six-year-old twins were married as their parents believe they were lovers in a past life.

The boy, nicknamed Guitar, and his sister, Kiwi, were born in September 2012 and their parents immediately knew they would have to be wedded.

Buddhists believe that male and female twins have 'karma' from relationships in a previous life and have been re-born together because the debt has not been settled.

They say that unless they're married as quickly as possible once they're old enough, they will experience bad luck in the future.

The twin's father Amornsan Sunthorn Malirat, 31, and mother, Phacharaporn, 30, arranged a lavish ceremony costing the equivalent of thousands of pounds for their children in Samut Prakan on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, on December 17.

Amornsan said: ''The reason for the marriage ceremony is because we believe that both the children used to be partners in a past life. This is a belief we have inherited from ancient people.

''We must arrange a wedding for the two twins as a solution to the issues they had before they were re-born. If they are married, they will live healthily and have successful lives.''

Dozens of guests including friends of the family, relatives and neighbours turned out for the ceremony.

A traditional ceremony featured a street procession followed by a game where the groom had to pass through nine 'gates' before he could meet the bride.