Two adorable toddlers with two hilarious views on hair clips

Watch the hilarious moment twin toddlers reveal two very different views on hair clips.

The filmer offers the first tot, Jessica, a hairclip and it is received with joy and happiness. She seems excited to have her already glowing happiness augmented by the hair accessory.

The filmer then turns to the other twin toddler, Juliet, to offer her the hair clip. Juliet's response is a look of wry disgust as she leans nonchalantly against an Ottoman.

The sardonic babe then bounces her head back into the cushion upon being offered the ladylike hair clip as if to say "You have got to be kidding me!".

The footage shows the fimer in a living room holding a hair clip in her hand offering it to a toddler. The toddler accepts it and throws a glance over to her sister behind the camera.

The filmer then moves the camera to show the other toddler leaning against an Ottoman with a funny expression on her face. This little girl throws her head back into the Ottoman and bounces back up without missing a beat.