Two brave cops save women from slipping under moving train in Mumbai

Two female commuters had a miraculous escape from death after they were saved by two railway cops at Dadar Railway station in Mumbai, India.

CCTV footage of the railway station shows two women trying to alight from a speeding train.

Both of them lose their balance and fall down onto the platform just inches from the train.

The train can be seen gaining speed as they lie nearby it when two cops rush for their help.

The cops quickly grab the women by the arms and haul both to safety.

Later the women get up and thank the cops before walking away.

A witness said, “The women passengers were alighting from the running train during which their feet slipped and they lost their balance and fell down on the platform. Two brave cops who spotted them immediately dragged them away from the running train saving both from coming under it.”

According to Indian Railways, at least 15 people were killed and seven others wounded while performing a similar act in railway stations across the state of Maharashtra.