Two pet dogs spark chaos after chasing king cobra in front yard

Two pet dogs sparked panic after chasing and biting a king cobra moments after it was caught in a front yard in Thailand.

The fearless pooches roused their family when they started barking in the front yard of the home in Chachoengsao, south-central Thailand, at 3pm.

Homeowner Patawee Anantachai, 43, and wife Nong, 35, walked outside to see why they were making such a noise and were shocked to see their beloved dogs in a stand-off with the deadly snake.

Patawee called for them to return home but they stayed outside intimidating the cobra - the world's largest venomous snake - as it menacingly spread its giant hood and prepared to strike.

Rescue workers arrived and crept up on the snake before lassoing it. But the capture sent the dogs into a frenzy with 10-year-old Khao leaping forward to bite the snake's body while the smaller dog, five-year-old Tong, joined in.

The snake catcher was forced to run around in circles while dragging the cobra away from the dogs and also trying to keep the agitated snake away from the people watching.

Patawee said: ''My heart was pounding and my wife ran away. I've never had such a close encounter with a snake.''

Patawee said that he was afraid that the snake would kill his dogs, which were determined to try and bite the serpent.

He added: ''The dogs were barking at the cobra and trying to strike it with their paws. They were not afraid because they don't know how dangerous a cobra is. They wouldn't come in and I didn't want to go anywhere near the snake, so I called the emergency services as quickly as I could.''