Two risqué snakes caught mating in broad daylight at Thai park

Two huge snakes shocked locals when they were seen mating in a park in broad daylight.

The randy reptiles appeared on the village green in Buriram, northeastern Thailand on Sunday (July 14).

Footage shows the amorous radiated rat snakes writhing around on the grass before they slithered away into a bush.

They then found a drain to curl up inside away from prying eyes.

Onlooker Boorith Muenphra, 44, said: ''I've known about these two snakes for a while, but I've not seen them in public together.''

The snakes were mating beside a 'spirit house', which residents interpreted as an omen for the upcoming lottery results.

Boorith added: "I believe that the snakes are the holy spirits which dwell in the spirit house. They have disguised themselves as snakes.''

The two 6-foot-long rat snakes were mating for around 10 minutes, which was long enough for the villagers to capture the moment.

Locals believed it be a good luck omen and placed their bets on the number 88 for the next draw.