Two-year-old miraculously survives fall from third-storey floor in India

In a miraculous occurrence a two-year-old boy survived after falling from a three-storey buildingĀ in central India.

The incident was caught on CCTV on March 4 in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh state, and shows the boy fall seemingly out of thin air before glancing off a passing woman and hitting the ground.

Though stunned and not moving, the boy was still alive and immediately taken to hospital.

It was reported that the two-year-old was playing on the third floor of the building when he lost his balance and fell down. The child first hit a high-tension electricity wire before glancing off a woman who was crossing the road beneath.

This glance broke his fall and saved the little boy's life. He was then immediately taken to hospital with burns on his body, where he received basic treatment.

The boy was referred to a private hospital in Gwalior, as doctors on reviewing the CCTV footage recommended the boy receive a CT scan for potential internal head injuries.

Luckily he was fine and is recovering well, being seen playing with a stuffed toy, but the burns on his body will take time to fully heal.