Two young leopards rescued from water tank in India

Local authorities working with a wildlife charity on Friday rescued two leopard cubs which were stuck at the bottom of a 15-foot-deep water tank in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Teams from Wildlife SOS and the Maharashtra Forest Department arrived at Gulunchwadi village in Junnar to assess the situation and decided to lower an extendable ladder into the tank so that the stricken felines to climb out on their own.

Although the 9-month-old cats were initially apprehensive, they soon realised that their only way out of the tank was to use the ladder and they quickly climbed to safety.

Dr. Ajay Deshmukh, Senior Veterinarian at the Wildlife SOS Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center said:

“Wild animals are not accustomed to human contact, and often completely unaware of it. To avoid causing any additional stress to the leopards, we thought it best to aid them into finding their own way out of the water tank, with the help of the ladder. We are grateful to the villagers for their cooperation and to the Forest Department for making this rescue mission a success.”