Tyre comes loose off car on Chinese highway and goes flying

A tyre came loose off a car on a southern Chinese highway and went flying, hitting the windshield of another car and causing one injury.

The video, shot in Lishui, Zhejiang province on May 6, showed that a light conventional truck dropped a tire which hit a car, then bounced off again and flew to the opposite lane before hitting the car windshield of a Mr. Fan, a young man from Fujian.

Fan's windshield was broken through, leaving a large hole, and his hands and left ear were scratched by pieces of glass.

Police finally confirmed that the tire fell from a light-weight truck. The truck owner, Mr. Wang, said that he did not know that the spare tire of the vehicle had fallen off.

Mr. Wang faces a penalty of 200 yuan ($29) for not meeting vehicle safety standards, and he will be held fully responsible for the accident.