Tyre falling off semitrailer runs over worker on Chinese highway

A tyre came off the axle of a semitrailer and ran over a worker on a busy highway in eastern China, nearly flattening him.

The CCTV video, filmed in Zhangjiagang City in Jiangsu Province on April 3, shows the over 200-kilogram tyre suddenly dropping from a semitrailer turning a corner, and knocking down a road worker from behind and rolling over him.

According to reports, the semitrailer driver did not realise what had happened until he saw the workers chase after his vehicle from the rear-view mirror.

The worker suffered several soft tissue injuries to his body but was not in any life-threatening condition.

Another scooter waiting for the traffic lights on the side of the road was crushed by the tyre as well, but the scooter driver jumped off in time to escape.

Reportedly since one axle on the semitrailer was broken, the tyre attached to it fell off. The semitrailer driver was blamed for the incident.