Uber drivers march ahead of appeal ruling on workers' rights

UK workers from the gig economy staged a demonstration in central London today (October 30) ahead of the latest legal hearing over their employment rights.

As taxi-hailing app company Uber challenged an employment tribunal decision that drivers should be treated as workers rather than self-employed, the company's drivers joined a lively 200-strong Precarious Workers protest.

They marched from the Southwark building of mayoral body Transport for London, highlighting the issue of increased taxes on mini-cab drivers, to the Court of Appeal where the Uber appeal was being heard.

IWGB Branch Secretary Jason Moyer-Lee said they wanted companies to obey the law and for the government to enforce the law.

Muhumed Ali of the United Private Hire Drivers (UPHD), a part of the Independent Workers of Great Britain Union (IWGB), said Uber drivers worked 80 hours a week just to earn living and had no support if they were off sick or forced to stop work for other reasons.