UFO Sighting at Sunset

Occurred on November 19, 2018 / Westlake, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "Recently I’ve taken up photography as a hobby so that evening I drove to an area not far from my house that I knew would have a good view of the sunset. I was on J.T. Ottinger Rd., just a little south of 114. I was taking pictures of the sun setting behind a tree in a field and noticed some interesting clouds in the frame but one small cloud stood out the most. It was much smaller than the other clouds and was glowing white. I didn't think anything of it at first and just kept snapping away but after several minutes I realized the other clouds had moved or disappeared but the one small one was in the same spot, completely unchanged. It seemed a little odd so I zoomed in on it and realized it wasn't a cloud at all but I wasn't sure what it was. I snapped a few photos, recorded some video, and watched it for about 15 minutes. The logical side of my brain kept reassuring me that it was nothing and there must be some sort of simple explanation (plus my hands were freezing and the sun had completely set) so I gave up watching it and headed home. But even on the drive home, I called my husband to tell him about what I had seen because I couldn't think of anything that would explain it. He said it was probably some sort of weather balloon or maybe a blimp but when I got home and showed him the photos and video he was just as confused as I was. We both agreed it was not a blimp or balloon. It was far too still to be floating in the air. I still can't bring myself to say 'I saw a UFO' but I sent the photos and video to the Texas UFO's Facebook page to see what they thought it might be. Everyone seems to be just as stumped as me and so far have not given any possible explanation as to what it was."