UK cyclist 'clearly shaking' after nearly being taken down by careless driver

This was the moment a cyclist in Bristol, the UK was nearly cut up and taken down by what appeared to be a careless driver yesterday (March 26).

Shot on Rupert Street near Bristol Royal Infirmary a driver caught the incident on his dash cam from behind.

The cyclist quickly evades the veering car and loses control but seems unscathed.

As the iron pusher catches up at the traffic lights he can be seen giving the driver a piece of his mind.

The filmer told Newsflare: "I honestly thought the white vehicle was going to collide with the cyclist.

"It’s very fortunate that the cyclist has his wits about him.

"I can only imagine the vehicle was not sure where he was going as he swerved in quickly and more than likely did not check his surroundings."

He later added: "After I drove past the incident I heard the gentleman in the vehicle using foul language towards the cyclist who was clearly shaking."