UK driver has hilarious reaction to drivers getting caught speeding on motorway

A UK driver had a hilarious reaction as he anticipated a duo of speeding drivers getting caught out by speed cameras on the M62 near Wigan.

Captured on Saturday (March 2), the driver can be heard saying "You're gonna get flashed" as initial driver overtakes him.

The driver starts a countdown in anticipation of the speeding driver getting caught and as predicted, the driver gets flashed by the speed camera.

An ecstatic response the driver exclaims "Waheeeeey, we have a winner", and without time to calm down from the first speeding driver, another one subsequently gets the same treatment.

The filmer explained: "On my way home from work doing the speed limit, I noticed a black car approaching from behind at a much higher speed.

"I knew there were speed cameras just ahead so jokingly commentated.

"Smart sections of motorway don't only enforce the reduced speed limits, they enforce the national limit of 70 mph as well."

He also commented on the video: "Play stupid games you win stupid prizes."