UK driver tries to cut ahead of traffic on hard shoulder and gets blocked

An impatient driver from the north of England attempted to push their way in on a motorway after riding on the hard shoulder yesterday (February 5), after an incident was reported ahead.

Motorists on the M6 near Preston banded together after a driver seemed oblivious to the highway code and used the hard shoulder to cruise their way past traffic.

With the help of drivers in the left-hand lane, the minivan driver manages to thwart the Chevrolet attempting to cut ahead of traffic using the hard shoulder.

The brazen motorist is left stuck on the emergency lane, unable to rejoin traffic and suffering from a well-deserved dose of karma.

The filmer explained: "There had been a bump on the M6 near Preston and a van and car couldn't be bothered waiting in the queue so they tried to pass on the inside."

He later added: "The BMW in front of me also moved over to stop the car passing and all three vehicles behind bunched up to stop him getting back in.

"Haters gonna hate, but I hate people pushing in and I moved over as soon as the yellow flashing lights came."

With a reasonable justification for the manoeuvre, the driver received mixed criticism on social media.

One Facebook user commented: "Two wrongs don't make a right you blocked him + [sic] you was [sic] driving in the hard shoulder too you can get into trouble too for that"

Another exclaimed: "This makes me proud to be British [sic]"