UK lorry driver slows down to let a flock of ducklings cross safely with their mother

This was the cute moment a lorry driver near Preston, Lancashire slowed down from high speed to make sure a flock of ducklings could cross safely on Thursday (April 4).

While driving the 44-ton lorry near junction 31 of the M6 in Fulwood, the driver steadily comes to a halt as the brood of infant ducks makes their way across the busy road.

The filmer said: "I noticed a Mallard duck attempting to cross the road with her newly hatched baby chicks.

"I slowed down and stopped hoping that no-one overtook me and no-one came from the opposite direction.

"Luckily all went well and mummy duck and the baby ducks got across safely and hopped up the kerb and into the bushes to safety."