UK student with medical condition overcomes loss of her voice with song

A music teacher from south-east England helped a young student overcome medical conditions and personal obstacles to learn to sing in this truly heartwarming story filmed February 18.

Amelia Rosie Hamilton has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which affects her physical health, but after meeting Professor Grenville Hancox of Canterbury Christ Church Music in 2012 she learned to channel her energies to sing. The two have since remained in contact since her graduation and still perform many musical activities together.

When they met up again in this video, while Hamilton was being treated at a hospital in Royal Tunbridge Wells in February 2019, she could only speak in halting words. However, after Hancox produced a guitar and started playing, Hamilton was able to sing with a clear and steady voice.

Hamilton commented: "Music especially singing and playing the piano offered me an escape route which was magnified when I met Prof Grenville Hancox, who encouraged me to try and rid some of the demons that had plagued my life. I could not speak but i could sing!