Un-bear-able heat! Bear 'back flops' into pool to cool off from soaring temperatures at Thai breeding centre

This is the adorable moment a bear 'back flops' into a pool of water to cool off on a hot day.

The Asian black bear named James was seen sitting on the edge of the concrete pool inside a conservation centre as temperatures reached 38C.

Footage filmed on July 21 shows the twelve-year-old bear standing on his hind legs looking curiously up to the sky. He then slowly falls back into the water with a splash.

The adorable way of cooling off was captured at the Phu Khiao Wildlife breeding centre in Chaiyaphum, northeastern Thailand.

Sompong Boonsanong, head of the breeding centre, said that James had brought joy and laughter to everybody since he was a baby.

He said: ''James was an orphan when he was rescued. He had lost his mother in a hunt many years ago and we decided to take care of him since.

''Everybody likes to watch him fooling around and playing in the water.

''James has always been a funny boy and I don't think he even realises it. Everything he does is always cute and hilarious. We're just lucky to have him.''