University students queue to exit dorm at facial recognition gate during earthquake in China

Students from Chongqing University Huxi Campus lined up at facial recognition gate to exit their dorms during a 6.0 magnitude earthquake in Changning city.

The clip, shot in Chongqing on June 17, shows students running down the hall to avoid being caught in the earthquake stopping at the facial recognition gate to get their faces scanned so they could leave.

Jiang, a teacher at the campus, said: "There are emergency exits and emergency doors in every student hall. If an emergency happened, the whole door could be opened once the button is pressed.

"Huxi Campus has emergency training and practice annually. The frequency and times of the practice might be not enough and we need to enhance it."

One student commented on the Chinese social media platform, Weibo: "Firstly, we have an emergency door. Secondly, most people know where the emergency door button is. It is just because we did not have a strong feeling of the earthquake, we were not nervous at all. Additionally, some students were still studying in their rooms."