Upsetting scenes as exhausted horse collapses on busy road in the Philippines

This is the heartbreaking moment an exhausted horse collapses in the street after dragging tourists around in a carriage, in an example of terrible animal cruelty.

The grey mare was pulling a wooden cart used by holidaymakers during blistering 32 degrees Celsius heat in Manila City, the Philippines last Saturday (March 2).

Tour guides use the nags as a Latin-style attraction in the Intramuros district of the capital, which used to be a stronghold of Spanish colonisers in the 18th century.

Shortly after dropping off its passengers, the horse appears to have been exhausted from its work and overcome by the heat and pollution in the city.

Locals said she started staggering and was whipped by the coach driver to try and make her perk up.

A passing motorist, Jay David, captured the moment the horse fell to the ground and was pulled up by her master.

Jay said: ''It looked like the horse was over-fatigued because of the heat and pollution in the city. She was thin and tired.''

Another resident, Rose Santos, said she had also seen the incident and blamed the carriage owners for overworking the steed.

She said: ''The horse was tired. I could see her struggling. The rider in the carriage tried to keep her going but she gave up. It was like she just wanted to sleep in the middle of the road. She had no energy.''

Mark Sigmon added: ''Those horses have horrible lives, I would love to see the practice ended.''