US airman asks fiancée's daughter to become his child

This is the touching moment a US airman asks his fiancée’s daughter to be his child after proposing to her mother.

In the clip, Andrew Mast, 33, sits down next to Te'Kia Reid, 12, on a couch and asks her about their ''little secret''.

Te'Kia timidly says that Andrew is going to marry her mother.

''Look at your mother’s hand'' Andrew tells Te'Kia.

The girl's eyes go wide when she sees a big diamond ring on her mother’s finger.

After the surprise is revealed, Andrew continues. ''So, now, here's the thing though. You are already my kid. When I marry your mom, it's like legal that you're my kid, like in a legal sense, right? So it's not just your mom that I proposed to.''

He gets down on one knee, presents a ring to Te'Kia, and says: ''I want to see if you will be my daughter.''

''Yes,'' says Te'Kia overcome with joy before giving her future dad a big hug.

''I didn’t know what her reaction would be but I’m so glad she was happy and excited. As he takes me as his wife, he wanted to ensure that she knew she was his daughter as well. We don’t believe in 'step' in our family. We are all blessed to have one another,'' said Tia Mast, the mother.

The sweet moment was captured on August 12 in Delmar, Maryland.