US dad hilariously re-enacts the viral #BottleCapChallenge

This was the hilarious moment a Dad from Sand Springs, Oklahoma re-enacted the new viral sensation - the #BottleCapChallenge made famous by Jason Statham.

Shot on June 29 the filmer's Dad, named I.J. Ganem, can be seen imitating the challenge where a plastic bottle's lid would be taken of by the roundhouse style kick portrayed by the celebrities.

More famous faces have joined in with the social media challenge, including singer John Mayer and MMA star Connor McGregor.

Morgan Ganem who filmed their parent said: "My dad is always joking around!

"He received a Bottle Cap Challenge from our friend Sterling and decided to give it a go... with a little help of course.

"Our friend Rick grabbed the bottle and made the whole thing possible!

"We made the video in one take and couldn’t stop laughing!"

Ganem later added: "We were not drunk in the video, he’s actually diabetic and doesn’t drink alcohol, the bottle was just a prop for the challenge."

The video itself has since gone viral and appeared on the front page of Reddit which garnered hilarious comments such as, "as graceful as a Canadian Goose," another joked, "obviously CGI."