US divers swim through swarm of thousands of jellyfish

A remarkable video captures the moment two divers found themselves swimming through a massive swarm of jellyfish in Monterey Harbour, in California in the USA.

The filmer later told Newsflare: "With all those jellyfish in the water we still thought we could make the dive since it was along the open ocean and sandy flats and there couldn't possibly be more than what we were seeing.

"Boy were we wrong. The further out we swam the denser they got, one was even 7 feet long. Wasn't long before we couldn't swim under or around them anymore."

Luckily the divers weren't stung as they were suited up: "They do sting but the water there's so cold that you need a full body wetsuit plus hood just to get below the surface, so the only things exposed are your cheeks really."

The impressive clip was filmed back in 2017.