US murder suspect with bloody knife apprehended at Seattle's Space Needle

This was the disturbing scene as a deranged man in Seattle was walking around near one of the city's main attractions last Friday (November 2) wielding a knife and covered in blood.

The man, who was near the Seattle Centre where the world-famous Space Needle is, was suspected of murder after he was caught red-handed and covered in blood.

One man in the video can be seen threatening the man with a handgun until the police arrive repeating the phrase "God loves you".

The suspect who seems unfazed by this, much like other members of the public, carries on strolling towards the grassed area.

Police eventually arrive in a collective panic and used tasers to take down and apprehend the man.

Eric DeAngelo, who shot the footage, said: "There was a good guy with a gun, who waited for police to arrive."

DeAngelo later claimed: "The bloody man with a knife in-hand wandered through Seattle Center after stabbing his wife in the neck in front of their 4-year-old son in a busy food court."