US parents gift son four-month-old puppy for his birthday

These parents in Berlin, New Hampshire revealed that they had adopted a new dog for their son's 11th birthday.

Filmed on July 26, Sarah tells her son Daemon that his early birthday present is "right outside" where his dad is walking their new puppy down their road.

Upon seeing Luna, a four-month-old labrador pitbull mix, Daemon lets out several gasps before quickly walking to greet his new best friend.

Sarah told Newsflare: "Daemon is a huge animal lover with a big heart. He has been begging for a dog since he was five years old, reading books and watching YouTube videos on dog training and ownership to be prepared for the day when he would have his own pup.

"But the time has finally come, and just in time for Dae's 11th birthday this week. He had no idea this was coming and was completely surprised!

"He did a great job containing his excitement though, sensing that Luna was nervous upon their meeting.

"She is very quickly making herself at home and loves snuggling with her boy."